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"Yvette is warm, inviting and nurturing.  Her enthusiasm for music is contagious!  With her help I developed a  deep love and passion for music."

-April T.

 Students beam with pride

as they accompany instrumentalists

or singers at a group class recital.  

Even the most beginning students take part . 

Music making with other musicians is

fulfilling, fun, and builds confidence! 

The smiles are Big!  

The student who comes to the Yvette Zobell Piano Studio will find a dedicated piano teacher whose mission is to help each child develop their own voice of expression, to become a life long, independent learner and appreciator of music. 

Through private instruction, individually crafted lesson,  group classes, and technology-forward lab times, students will learn to play music that speaks to them. 

"My children made great progress with Yvette.

 She helped them feel confident in their playing and fostered a love of the piano and an awareness of the many venues

to which accomplished pianists can contribute. "

-Karen B.

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