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  • Beginning students:  30 min private lesson 30 minute lab time: $120/month
  • Intermediate-advanced students:  45 min private lessons 30 minute lab time:  $160/month
  • Group Lessons (60 minutes)  students are in lieu of private lessons and may be held every week.  Group lessons offer a social setting in which to learn and read repertoire, ensembles, perform and review concepts using games and interactive activities. $120/month
Your tuition covers 33  lessons, for option A and B. Three of the lessons are group classes  for option A. (One group class is a Christmas Accompaniment Recital) ,  and one Spring Recital, beginning  September 2019  and ending May  2020. Tuition is payable in 9 equal installments, due the 1st week of each month and non-refundable. Late payments, past the 20th of each month, will incur a $5.00 fee. Unpaid balances will not be carried beyond the month due, and will result in the cancellation of lessons until the account is cleared.  An annual fee of $25.00 is due in September to help cover the cost of supplementary music, notebooks, duplication of materials, etc. Statements for music purchased by me and entry fees required for festivals and adjudications will be posted in a clear plastic protector in the student’s notebook. 
Students  can knock once and then walk in the front door and wait on the green couch   Students doing piano lab should plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early, or stay after their private lesson 15-30 minutes for independent lab time.
  • Adult Lessons:  Punch card for six 45 minute  lessons redeemable Sept - Aug    $246.00 .  Mini punch card for three 45 minute lessons $123.00
Before you ask to reschedule a lesson, please observe the following:
There are no make-ups for lessons canceled 24 hours prior.
Missed lessons may possibly be rescheduled IF the teacher’s schedule allows, if there are openings available and if more than 24 hours notice is given OR lessons may be held via Skype or FaceTime. 
There are NO Refunds for ANY missed lessons.
It is expected that a student will commit to lessons for an entire school year. If lessons are discontinued by you before the end of a session these will be due:
One month's notice and one month's tuition
Lessons may be terminated by the teacher at any time if..​
  • Tuition balances are not paid
  • Late payments occur on a regular basis.
Practice Expectations
Careful consistent practice is  better than how long
Every student should develop a plan so that 5 or more  practice times are part of the weekly schedule (just like soccer practice, homework time, TV time, etc.)
Although I highly encourage doodling at the keys, practicing what is assigned each week will ensure progress.
Suggested Amounts of Practice Time
Lesson Book Primer to Level 2: Schedule at least 15-20 minutes each day. Consistency and covering all assignments counts more than how long each day.
Early Intermediate - Schedule at least 30-minute practice sessions or break it up into two 15-minute sessions a day or, three 10-minute sessions.
Advancing: Schedule at least 45-minute practice sessions or break it up into two 23-minute sessions or three 15-minute sessions.
For those signed up for Achievement In Music or other festivals plan on 45-minutes to an hour per day two months prior to the event.
Tuition for June through August may be paid at the end of the month determined by the number of lessons received.  Students are required to have a minimum of 6 lessons during the summer in order to reserve their spot for fall
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