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Cool Backtracks for Scales, Chords and Arpeggios for AIM Level 5 and 6

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

(level 5 and 6) B Major scale W/Backtrack

(Level 5 & 6) Db M Scale W/Backtrack

(Level 5&6) Gb M Scale W/Backtrack

Bb and G# natural minor scales with back track (1, 2, and 3 octaves)

  1. Bb natural minor scale


Back track for Bb natural minor scale:

G# natural minor scale:


Back track for G# natural min:

(Level 5 & 6) dominant seven chord arpeggios G7, C7 , F7 W/Backtrack

tutorial: Watch 2 tutorials for V7-1 and inversions first!

(Level 5) Back track for V7-I and inversions below!

(Level 5) Dominant 7 to minor i chord and inversions tutorial:

G7 to c minor and inversions (remember c minor's notes are C Eb G )

F7 to Bb minor and inversions (remember Bb minor's notes are Bb Db F)

C7 to f minor and inversions (Remember F minor's notes are F Ab C)

(Level 5 and 6) Dominant 7 chords and inversions G, C F W/Backtrack

*(level 6 only) I IV I V7 I root and inversions with bass note G, C, F Major W/Backtrack

*(Level 6 only) e, a, d minor cadence and inversions i iv i V7 i W/backtrack

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